This Sort of Thing...


Beneath Cnoc Daod



Goose feather pillows fly on high

In countless shades grey, white and black

They fill the most colossal sky

Obscure a maze of time-worn tracks

Play hide and seek

With barren peaks

Caress the hillsides

Drench the land

Perchance the púca lends a hand


It's a soft day in Glenlough

Spikes of brilliance

Pierce the rain

There's a glow in the fields

Green becomes greener


A rainbow paints its mystic tones

On jagged teeth of ancient stone

Adorned with roaring wild cascades

The Mare's Tail's enchantment never fades

The tears of Ireland’s Highest Kings

Gush past wee fellows' magic rings

As corncrake croaks and linnet sings

A myriad of frantic insects brings

Sweet airs performed on buzzing wings


A home these days

To a hardy few with farming ways

And foreign types on holidays

And tribes of sheep

Who stand all day

In bog and peat

To eat and bleat

And stare and sleep


Two Celts came, hand in hand

From far away, an eastern land

Breton woman, Ulster man

Left their Balkan home a while

Crossed all Europe, a fair few miles

To replenish wild Atlantic blood

To breath wild air and chew wild cud

From uilleann pipes a welcome tune

The wail of the Banshee's lonesome croon

Laughter, songs and local craic

They'd missed the place

Grand to be back

The wind in the trees

The birds' refrain

These sounds all balm

For heart and brain


Turf burns

Moving closer to the hearth

Smoke fills the room

Fills my head

The purest toke

Nostalgic patriotic smoke

Stories of the faerie folk

Dónal grins and tells a joke

A Beara moon lights up the glen

And that's the time exactly when

My Irish tongue is loose and fast

From all the Power's in my glass

Swearing on the blood and bones

Of long departed Ma and Da

This heart of mine won't wander far

From Adrigole or Healy Pass

Sad our stay has flown so fast

We wrote a promise, nailed to our mast

This night in Glenlough won't be our last


Beneath Cnoc Daod

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