This Sort of Thing...


My Verbal Diary Here



Dear Diary


Describing life can be real tough

And sometimes you weren't big enough

In which to write my thrilling stuff

And secrets like my bit of fluff


Years later I look back to see

The fun things that went on for me

Were nineteen eighty-two and three

Just pubs, hot love and ribaldry?


Those attempts to record a golden age

On paper, one week to a page

The length of words a bitch to gauge

Would drive me daily into a rage


Each January I'd set out committed

To ensure that each night I submitted

A passage that events befitted

But some things sadly were omitted


Noteworthy moments didn't fit

So now I'll try catch up a bit

Like Leeds United thrashing Villa

And surprise surprise, I once met Cilla

Iceland fished more than its quota

I bought a rusty old Toyota

Julia's birthday, September first

Findus frozen currywurst

Flooding in the Mekong Delta

A fat arse stuck in a helter-skelter

Michael Foot's misunderstood

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Russians in Afghanistan

A bunch of freesias for my Nan

Waking up in Barking station

My worst ever case of dehydration

For these events there was no place

Dear diary you're an absolute disgrace




It's your diary here


There wasn't the space

We both have regrets

But let's not blame me

Instead let's blame Letts




Dear Dairy


An extra pinta, creamy gold top

And if you'll do us a big favour

Two small pots of yoghurt please

That fruity strawberry flavour


My Verbal Diary Here

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23/11/2023 12:26:55 - Leonid Brezhnev

The blame doesn't entirely lie with Letts.
:) :( :D ;) :| :P |-) (inlove) :O ;( :@ 8-) :S (flower) (heart) (star)