This Sort of Thing...


Trip of a Lifetime



A hot cloudless day

They lie in the sun

On the trip of a lifetime

Lucky for some


Facedown by the road

With the dirt and the flies

Unable to move

Wrists bound, cable ties


A boot on a neck

Has blood on the laces

Battered and bruised

The most delicate places


Welcome to Europe

Black uniform smirked

Your plan for survival

Well it just hasn’t worked


Crossed over the border

From Turkey or Greece

Without any euro

To bribe the police


Dragged from the van

Thrown to the floor

Fingers are broken

As baton meets jaw


From the south and the east

Fleeing hunger and war

With hope of compassion

They knock on our door


No room at the inn

You’ve heard it before

Response to the homeless

Two millennia and more


If you come from Ukraine

We’ll find you a space

But Arabs and Afghans

Not quite the right race


I too am a migrant

They soon let me in

See I have my visa

In the form of white skin


My blood’s just like theirs

Not blue and regal

In this merciless world

Being human’s illegal


The sickest of minds

Protecting their borders

We can’t let you cross

We have new world orders


Trip of a Lifetime

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